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Barback jobs

I'd like to pick anyone's brain out there...

A friend of mine is looking for a job (he's a computer programmer whose company is going kaput), so he's looking for some (temp) work to make some extra cash.  How much experience does one need to be a barback (in NYC) ?  He has a flex schedule...


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From what I understand, you don't need very much experience at all to be a barback, it's like entry level for bartending.
True, but from what I see on Craigslist, those that are looking for barbacks require experience.
Yeah...Utah is a little different when it comes to the alcohol serving industry. My friend is a bartender and said that they mainly higher on experience, and since it's not exactly that hard to bartend (just know drinks and liquor laws), you can play up your experience to be more than it was. Like if your friend bartended at a party, just say that he bartended at a private event, or something like that.